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Carrollwood Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Every year, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) affect several million people. Frequently, doctors mistake initial symptoms, like soreness and disorientation, with accident shock. Therefore, many of these injury victims don’t get the treatment they need until they display more advanced symptoms. At this point, it’s much harder to treat these injuries. As a result, many victims must deal with even more advanced symptoms, like permanent personality changes and dementia-like symptoms.

So, the diligent Carrollwood traumatic brain injury attorneys at Moore Law always put first things first. We immediately connect injury victims with doctors who focus on such matters. Additionally, these providers usually charge nothing upfront for their services. So, these victims get the treatment they need when they need it. Then, once the case goes to court, we fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

What Causes Brain Injuries?

Vehicle collisions are the leading cause of brain injuries in Florida. These incidents combine all three common TBI causes, as follows:

  • Trauma: Even today’s advanced safety systems cannot possibly absorb all the force in a high-speed car wreck. So, many victims hit their heads on steering wheels, dashboards, and other solid objects. Furthermore, the speed in these wrecks transforms small objects inside the car, like cell phones, into high-speed missiles.
  • Motion: Some TBI victims show little physical symptoms. That’s partially because adrenaline masks the pain in car crash cases. That’s also because the motion of a wreck, by itself, could cause a TBI. During a crash, victims’ heads snap backwards and forwards. That motion causes their brains to slam against the insides of their skulls.
  • Noise: According to many witnesses, car wrecks sound like explosions. These sudden loud noises trigger shock waves that disrupt brain activity. Many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans sustained head injuries although they sustained no other physical injuries, except perhaps a knockdown.

Falls and assaults also cause a number of brain injuries in Florida. The motion in a fall mimics the motion in a vehicle collision. Furthermore, fall victims have no seatbelts, air bags, or other restraint systems to protect them in these cases. A third-party assault could involve a blunt force trauma head injury or a piercing head injury, like a bullet wound.

Property owners are responsible for both these kinds of injuries, at least in most cases. A Carrollwood traumatic brain injury lawyer must prove that the landowner has a legal duty and the owner knew, or should have known, about the hazard which caused injury.

Your Claim for Damages

Almost all civil claims settle out of court. In general, the further the process moves forward, the more evidence victim/plaintiffs amass, and the stronger their cases become.

So, if the case settles too early, there is a good chance that the victim is settling for less. Typically, some of the best evidence surfaces during a lawsuit’s discovery period. During this phase, attorneys can access important electronic evidence, like a vehicle’s Event Data Recorder. An EDR is a lot like the black box flight data recorder in a commercial jet.

Additionally, if a case remains unresolved late in the process, a judge usually intervenes and orders the parties to attend mediation. Basically, mediation is a court-supervised negotiation session. Additional rules apply in these situations, like the duty to negotiate in good faith. As a result, mediation often succeeds if unsupervised negotiations have failed.

Connect with a Diligent Hillsborough County Lawyer

Injury victims are usually entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer in Carrollwood, contact Moore Law by going online or calling 813-510-5400. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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