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Tampa Emergency Room Error Attorney

When you have a medical emergency, the medical staff and facilities have a duty to ensure everything runs smoothly and you receive the proper medical care in a timely manner. In situations where the appropriate standard of care is not received, you could be the victim of an emergency room error or sustain a medical mistake. These incidents can give rise to a Florida medical malpractice case. To learn more about your right of recovery, contact the Tampa emergency room error attorneys at Moore Law today.

How Emergency Rooms Work

Doctors and staff who work in the emergency room have special training to help them diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening illnesses and conditions. When you are admitted, doctors must follow all regulations, guidelines, and administer the proper care standard to anyone with a potential emergency or life-threatening illness. The standard routine includes:

  • A doctor conducts a complete evaluation of your current complaints, objective signs, and your past medical history.
  • Once they’ve obtained a comprehensive picture of what’s going on, it’s crucial they conduct the correct diagnostic tests and read them promptly.
  • Once you have been carefully examined, reviewed, and diagnosed, the doctors will develop the right treatment plan for your illness or injuries. The treatment plan should be administered in a timely manner too.

When these standards are not met, you could suffer significant harm. You might receive the wrong diagnosis, the incorrect treatment, or your treatment might be delayed. Any of these issues could result in severe injuries or even death in some instances.

Common Emergency Room Errors that Are Preventable

There is no 100% guarantee that any medical treatment or medication will correct your condition. However, there are instances where mistakes happen. In many cases, they could’ve been prevented. Here’s a look at some of the most common preventable errors:

  • Medical staff who minimizes a patient’s complaints and symptoms
  • Medication errors or pharmacy errors
  • Not properly monitoring patients
  • Delay in diagnosing the condition
  • Not administering the proper diagnostic tests
  • Long wait times
  • Diagnostic test errors
  • Surgical errors

There is something called differential diagnosis that applies in emergency room settings. Doctors take a list of potential conditions that match your symptoms and try to narrow down the issues, working down the list. This technique can help doctors narrow down the list of complaints. Then, the doctor can order specific diagnostic tests to confirm as they work their way down the list quickly.

If the lab tech or radiologists misreads the diagnostic reading, it can result in medical malpractice. This mistake could result in the patient not receiving the right treatment and medication. Another example is when an emergency room doctor believes a patient is not in an emergency situation transfers a patient to a different floor that is not equipped to handle the issues. The injured party could continue to deteriorate.

Contact a Tampa Emergency Room Error Attorney

If you or a loved one is the victim of an emergency room error, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced Tampa emergency room error attorney. To learn more about how we can help, contact Moore Law today to schedule an initial consultation.

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