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Tampa Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorney

It’s no secret that Florida gets struck during the annual Atlantic hurricane season. These storms can leave a massive trail of destruction in their wake. If you have hurricane insurance, you assume making a claim will help you get the necessary compensation to make repairs. However, it’s not uncommon for insurers to undervalue your claim or unfairly deny it outright. You may need to retain an experienced Tampa hurricane claims attorney who can help you navigate the challenges of pursuing a hurricane insurance coverage claim.

At Moore Law, we have nearly three decades of experience helping Florida clients get the compensation they deserve in insurance claims. We know the nuances of dealing with insurance providers and how to level the playing field against them. After a hurricane, you might find your home is damaged by high winds, fallen trees, floodwaters, or flying debris. You expect the coverage you pay for will kick in and help you get back on your feet.

Bad Faith Disputes

Disputes regarding insurance coverage usually have to do with wrongful coverage denials. As a property owner, you need a legal advocate who will help you get the coverage you are entitled to through your hurricane insurance policy. These policies typically cover your costs as they relate to the destruction of your property and relocation. Unfortunately, insurance companies are always looking for ways to cut corners. Your carrier may delay your claim unreasonably, outright deny it, or underestimate the value. Any of these scenarios have the same result — you are left without the money you need to fix your home and pick up the pieces of your life.

Bad faith insurance claims aren’t limited to Florida hurricane insurance coverage either. Insurance companies act in bad faith in all types of claims, such as auto accidents, homeowner policies, general liability policies, etc. At Moore Law, we have years of experience with bad faith insurance claims. We aren’t afraid to go after insurance companies who unfairly deny or delay claims. Examples of bad faith insurance claims include:

  • Delaying or denying payment
  • Unwillingness to settle a valid hurricane claim in a prompt manner
  • Undervaluing a claim or attempting to “low ball” the offer
  • Delaying or denying critical medical care
  • Failing to thoroughly and promptly investigate your claim
  • Not renewing or canceling your policy once you file a claim

Insurance companies rely on the fact that the coverage varies based on different perils, and there are many loopholes they can look for to deny coverage. In Florida, your general homeowner’s policy should cover wind damage in a storm. If the damage is from a hurricane, there’s a special deductible, usually a fixed percentage based on your policy. Before any coverage starts, you’ll have to pay the entire deductible. Flood insurance is usually a separate policy and differs based on the carrier.

Contact a Tampa Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorney

If you made a claim for hurricane damage and you believe your insurance carrier unreasonably delayed or denied your claim, causing you further financial harm, it’s crucial to speak with a skilled Tampa hurricane insurance claim attorney as soon as possible. Contact Moore Law today to schedule a consultation. Let us protect your rights and help you stand up against unfair treatment from your insurance company.

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