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Tampa Knee Injury Attorney

You might not think a knee injury is that serious, but even minor damage to your knee can cause you a lifetime of pain. The knee is complex, made up of tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and bones. You need your knees for walking and driving. If you suffer an injury to one or both, you could have limited mobility, need a caretaker, and ultimately require one or more surgeries. If you have a knee injury caused by another party’s negligence, speak with a Tampa knee injury attorney as soon as possible.

At Moore Law, we have decades of experience helping injured Tampa clients just like you get the compensation they deserve for their personal injury claims. Contact our office today to schedule a meeting and learn how we can help with your knee injury claim.

Common Types of Knee Injuries in Tampa Personal Injury Cases

Because the knee is so complex, you could have a wide variety of injuries occur depending on whether it was a slip and fall, car accident, etc. Here’s a look at some of the most common injuries in Florida personal injury cases:

  • Meniscus tear: Shearing forces of rotation can result in meniscus damage. Athletes who make sharp rapid movements are especially prone to meniscus tears. As you age, the risk also increases. If you feel a sudden popping sensation that affects movement or activities, it could be a sign of a tear.
  • Tendinitis: When your knee is irritated, inflamed, and swells, it’s likely a tendon injury. Patellar tendinitis is in the front of the knee, just below the knee cap. It’s sometimes called jumper’s knee as it’s common in athletes who jump a lot.
  • Ligament injuries: Trauma or playing sports are two sources of ligament injuries. You could have damage to any part of your knee’s ligaments, including the medial collateral ligament (inner portion), lateral collateral ligament (outer portion), or the cruciate ligaments, which are within the knee.

Importance of Seeking Medical Attention Right Away

You need to seek treatment for any knee injury right away, even if you think it’s only minor. Waiting to visit a doctor could cause your knee injury to worsen. Also, the responsible party’s insurance company may claim your injury isn’t that bad if you didn’t see a doctor right away. If there is too long of a gap from your injury and when you sought medical treatment, they may claim your injury was caused by something else entirely.

Do not try to rush your recovery, and be sure to follow all instructions your doctor gives you. Failure to follow a doctor’s orders can impact your claim. Rushing your recovery could cause further damage to your knee.

Contact a Tampa Knee Injury Attorney

If you were involved in some type of personal injury accident that resulted in a knee injury, don’t attempt to handle your claim alone. Let a skilled Tampa knee injury attorney help. Contact Moore Law today and schedule an initial consultation. Let us review your case and advise you on the best course of action. We can protect your rights and help you hold the responsible party accountable.

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