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Tampa Shoulder Injury Attorney

Shoulder injuries can be debilitating, causing you to miss work, be unable to drive, and perform other standard activities of daily living. Dealing with a shoulder injury is stressful enough, but then presenting a claim to the responsible party can make you feel overwhelmed. If a work-related injury caused your injury, you could receive workers’ compensation. If a negligent party caused your shoulder injury, you could have a Florida personal injury claim. To find out what your legal rights are, contact a Tampa shoulder injury attorney right away.

At Moore Law, we understand how frustrating the claims process can be. When you retain us to represent you, we will be there every step of the way and protect your rights. Our goal is to help you get the compensation or workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to receive.

Common Types of Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder strain and sprains are soft tissue injuries that we commonly see in personal injury cases. These injuries can occur in one of the rotator cuff muscles, deltoid, or even bicep and triceps strains can impact the shoulder. Many soft tissue shoulder injuries can be treated with anti-inflammatories, rest, and then some physical therapy.

Rotator cuff injuries are very common causes of shoulder pain, especially as you get older. You could have inflammation or a tear, which could require surgery if it’s a complete tear.

Labrum tears involve the cartilage lining of the glenoid. These are treated conservatively at first. Only surgery, called debridement, is the last resort.

On-the-Job Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries in the workplace are often caused by lifting a heavy object overhead. Any type of repetitive overhead motion can lead to an injury over time. Other common causes of shoulder injuries on the job include falling down, being struck by an object, or getting your arm caught in a piece of machinery.

Workers in warehouses and stores are prone to shoulder injuries. Anyone working on an assembly line, construction workers, loading and unloading, sorting and stocking jobs, and even people who type a lot are prone to shoulder injuries.

Diagnosing Shoulder Injuries

Diagnosing shoulder injuries can be challenging in some cases. Some symptoms relate to multiple injury types, which is why you should seek treatment from a specialist, such as an orthopedic doctor. Some injuries are visible right away, like a dislocated shoulder which appears out of place.

Doctors will start with a physical exam and manipulate your shoulder to narrow down the source of pain. Certain injuries may be easy to pinpoint based on what position it hurts in. Imaging studies are helpful with unclear shoulder injuries. Doctors usually order x-rays first and then move on to CT or MRI scans. X-rays won’t show soft tissue, but they can rule out whether there’s an issue with your bones, such as a clavicle fracture or bone spur. CTs and MRIs may show soft tissue injuries, which help doctors develop the best treatment plan.

Contact a Tampa Shoulder Injury Attorney

Working with an attorney who has experience with shoulder injuries is essential, especially if your injury is work-related. Contact the Tampa shoulder injury attorneys at Moore Law today to schedule a consultation. Let us review the facts of your case and help you decide what the best course of action is.

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