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Wesley Chapel Bicycle Accident Attorney

Florida bills itself as a bicycle friendly state, and for good reason. Our beautiful weather makes cycling an attractive option year-round. Whether they are riding as a hobby on the weekend or using a bicycle every day to commute to work, Floridians love going about on two wheels.

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled to see cyclists on the road. The unfortunate reality is that many motorists are completely oblivious to cyclists, or they become angry that the cyclist is allegedly holding up traffic. Consequently, many motorists either follow too closely, cut off cyclists, or completely fail to see them before causing a crash.

At Moore Law, our Wesley Chapel bicycle accident attorney can assist individuals and families obtain compensation following an accident. Contact us to learn more.

Common Bicycle Accidents

Unlike motorists, who have a steel cage around them to absorb the impact of any collision, cyclists are completely vulnerable in a wreck. A cyclist can be struck anywhere, but there are some common accidents:

  • Left-hand turns at intersections. A motorist might be waiting to make a left-hand turn and not see any cyclist coming through behind oncoming traffic. The motorist turns quickly—straight into the cyclist.
  • Rear end collisions. A cyclist stopped at a red light or stop sign is vulnerable to being struck by a motorist who is not paying attention.
  • Blind spot collisions. If you are in a driver’s blind spot, they might pull directly in front of you when changing lanes
  • Open door collisions. Few car occupants check to see if a cyclist is coming before they open a door to exit the vehicle. Consequently, the cyclist rides straight into the open door.
  • Cyclists are vulnerable to losing control when they come upon large potholes. The local government is responsible for keeping roads safe for all travelers, including cyclists.

Compensation for Bicycle Accidents

An accident often causes brutal injuries, such as concussions, fractures, neck injuries, and spinal column damage. Any uncovered skin can also suffer serious abrasion and possibly infection. Many of our clients can’t leave home for months following the collision.

In a fair settlement, a victim should receive money to cover medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and damage to the bicycle or other property. The amount will depend on the facts of your case. Young children, for example, could be deeply traumatized by a bicycle accident and receive considerable emotional distress damages.

Blaming the Cyclist: Fair Game?

Many people like to blame cyclists for their own accidents. Some cyclists who weave in and out of traffic have given all cyclists a bad reputation for risking riding. Couriers who operate in cities, in particular, have created the image of a showboating cyclist who is a hazard to everyone around them.

In Florida, any defendant in a bicycle accident can claim comparative fault. Essentially, they are pinning some or all of the blame on the cyclist for the accident. If successful, the defendant can reduce the compensation they owe.

Our lawyers carefully review the facts. We can respond by minimizing any error you made (such as failing to signal a turn) to keep the spotlight fully on the defendant who hit you.

Contact Our Wesley Chapel Bicycle Accident Lawyer to Learn More

Eric Moore has nearly three decades of experience helping families in south Florida receive compensation following an accident. Contact his firm today to schedule a time to discuss your case.

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