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Wesley Chapel Brain Injury Attorney

The brain is the command center of the human body and probably its most important organ. When the brain is not working properly, organs throughout the body can shut down or people can lose their memory and even their personality.

At Moore Law, our legal team has helped many people suffering from a brain injury sustained in an accident. These injuries take a devastating toll on families, and we are here to support you. Contact our Wesley Chapel brain injury attorney for more information about how to receive compensation.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Our clients have suffered brain injuries in a variety of accidents, such as car wrecks or pedestrian accidents. In other situations, they might have suffered injury in a swimming pool or hot tub incident.

Generally, brain injuries are caused by:

  • Some blow to the head jiggles the brain around, or a blow to the body causes the head to snap back and forth like a whip, also resulting in injury. These types of accidents can lead to bleeding inside the skull or lesions on the brain. Hard shaking can also disrupt how the brain processes signals.
  • Oxygen deprivation. The brain needs oxygen to survive, and deprivation can slowly lead to the death of brain tissue. Once dead, this tissue does not revive and impairment is usually permanent. Injuries involving oxygen deprivation typically happen in the water or while receiving medical care.

Signs You Have Suffered a Brain Injury

Unless something penetrates your skull, you can’t visually determine whether the brain is injured. However, there are some common symptoms to be aware of:

  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Convulsions
  • Intense headaches—often much worse than ordinary tension headaches
  • Difficulty talking, such as slurred speech
  • Problems with balance or coordination
  • Weakness on one side of the body
  • Memory problems

We strongly encourage patients who have suffered any kind of injury to go to the hospital. Some brain injuries, such as internal bleeding, warrant immediate medical intervention, otherwise death could happen quickly.

Compensation for Brain Injuries in Wesley Chapel

Brain injuries are uniquely disabling. They can dramatically impair a person’s ability to return to normal activities. Some victims will be permanently disabled, requiring life-long medical treatment. Others might need years of rehabilitation before they can regain independent living.

Our team focuses on obtaining full compensation for our client’s losses, including medical care and rehab. We also seek money damages for lost income, pain, suffering, emotional distress, and property damage.

If your parent or spouse suffered a serious brain injury, then you might have your own independent claim for loss of consortium. This claim tries to make up for the loss in the familial relationship. For example, if your spouse has entered a vegetative state, then compensation might be awarded for your loss of companionship and sexual intimacy.

Free Consultations with a Wesley Chapel Brain Injuries Attorney

Personal injury attorney Eric Moore has helped many people obtain compensation following serious accidents. He knows what evidence is needed to bring a successful lawsuit or negotiate a fair settlement. Please contact his law firm today to schedule a time to meet.

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