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Wesley Chapel Bus Accident Attorney

Buses are efficient modes of transportation for people who don’t want to use a car or for children headed to school. Given their size, buses look incredibly safe. In fact, if a bus collides with a passenger sedan, few people would imagine that the bus would suffer serious damage.

Nevertheless, bus accidents are a serious cause of injuries when they strike another vehicle or run off the road. Please contact Moore Law if you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident. Our Wesley Chapel bus accident attorney can determine whether you have a legal right to compensation and what evidence you will need to make your case.

How People Are Injured in Bus Accidents

Most bus accidents involve at least two vehicles—the bus and another vehicle on the road. The reality is that both passengers on the bus as well as occupants in the other vehicle can be injured in the crash.

For those in a smaller vehicle, a collision carries obvious risks. Most cars are designed for impact with cars of equivalent size. A huge bus can weigh 38,000 tons and crunch the smaller vehicle. Occupants often suffer traumatic injuries or are tossed clear of their vehicles.

Passengers on the bus face risks as well. Because few buses have seatbelts, these occupants are often tossed around like clothes in a dryer. They can suffer traumatic impacts when they collide with the seats, floor, or even each other.

Some common bus accident injuries include fractures, concussions, shoulder injuries, head injuries, back injuries, and nerve damage. A bus accident can be a mass injury event, with dozens of ambulances pulled up to whisk people to the emergency room.

Who to Sue for a Bus Accident

As seasoned Wesley Chapel bus accident lawyers, we realize the importance of establishing liability for the collision. Under Florida law, a person or business is not financially liable unless they contributed to the crash. Determining liability requires a careful review of the evidence.

Each crash is different. However, the following usually are responsible:

  • A bus driver who operates the vehicle negligently. The driver could fail to stop in time, travel too fast, or become distracted. Bus drivers who are chemically impaired are also an obvious risk, as are those who are drowsy and fall asleep.
  • The owner of the bus. A bus company must keep a bus in reasonable condition so that it is not a danger to operate. They should also perform background checks on any drivers they hire. Any breach of these duties could make the bus owner liable for a collision.
  • A motorist who is negligent or reckless. The driver of another vehicle on the road could be to blame for the wreck. They might cut the bus off, pass illegally, or plow into it.
  • The bus manufacturer. If the bus is defective, it could end up in a crash.

How Our Attorneys Can Help Your Case

In addition to building a case for assigning liability, our team works diligently to fully document our client’s losses. In most cases, someone injured in a bus crash can obtain money damages for:

  • All medical expenses, including expected medical care in the future
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Property damage, such as damage to their vehicle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Meet with a Knowledgeable Wesley Chapel Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus accidents are very complicated events, and negotiating a settlement for your injuries is often much more time-consuming than people imagine. Call Moore Law to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today.

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