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Wesley Chapel Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Even with the best medical care, some people will never fully recover from their accidents. Catastrophic injuries are those injuries which are permanent or long-lasting. Although a sprain or simple fracture might heal within a matter of months, catastrophic injuries often require ongoing medical care. Truly, many victims’ lives will never be the same.

The Wesley Chapel catastrophic injury attorneys at Moore Law take pride in helping those with serious injuries get the compensation they will need to live with dignity. Our firm can meet to review your medical expenses and develop a plan for holding the negligent party responsible for all your losses.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Many catastrophic injuries require surgery, rehabilitation, and outpatient care. Serious injuries might even require that a victim be put in a skilled nursing care facility, perhaps indefinitely.

Some of the more common catastrophic injuries are:

  • Large burns that cover a person’s body can be deadly. Even smaller burns might disable a person when they cover joints, such as the knees or elbow, and restrict movement. Visible burns also cause intense embarrassment, such as a burn covering the face.
  • Traumatic brain injury. A TBI changes how the brain works. A person suffering from a moderate or severe TBI might lose coordination and the ability to speak or understand language. Other changes include personality changes and difficulty walking or eating.
  • Patients might lose a limb for several reasons. Sometimes, the impact of an accident is so severe that the limb is lost. In other cases, medical personnel must amputate a limb to save a patient’s life.
  • Nerve damage. Serious accidents can damage nerves so that they cause chronic pain, including burning or prickling sensations. Nerve damage can also lead to muscle weakness and ultimately disability.
  • Spinal cord injury. Any injury to the spinal cord can result in paralysis or impaired sensation below the point of injury. A person suffering a terrible neck injury could become a quadriplegic.

Why You Need a Seasoned Wesley Chapel Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Not all law firms are prepared to handle catastrophic injury cases. Generally, accident victims can receive compensation to cover all their medical care, including future medical expenses. Someone with a severe TBI, for example, might need decades of care in a nursing home. Other clients need to reconfigure their homes for wheelchair ramps or for live-in help. All this care is expensive—and few victims have the resources to pay for it.

A fair settlement should also cover lost earnings if a person cannot work or if they are forced into taking a lower-paying job. In our experience, some catastrophic injuries cost victims millions of dollars over the full course of their lives.

There is also the emotional and mental pain a person suffers with a disabling injury. Being unable to live a life you have been accustomed to is a serious loss and Florida law allows victims to seek compensation for pain and suffering, along with emotional distress.

Unfortunately, many attorneys are unprepared to fully calculate these losses. They might also not know how to negotiate a settlement aggressively enough to obtain fair compensation.

Contact Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Wesley Chapel Today

Moore Law is well-positioned to fight for the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. We understand this is a troubling time for, but we thrive in high-pressure situations. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to review your legal options.

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