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Wesley Chapel Child Injury Attorney

Parents naturally want to protect their children, but life has an endless array of hazards awaiting them. If your child is injured in an accident, you should take immediate legal action. Child injuries and lawsuits are somewhat different than those involving adults, and you would benefit greatly from a Wesley Chapel child injury attorney who has ample experience in this field. Moore Law stands ready to help parents and their children secure the compensation they are entitled to.

How Children Get Injured

Children are curious and rambunctious, so it’s no surprise that they sometimes get into scrapes and suffer minor injuries. But many parents come to us after their children are seriously injured in the following types of accidents:

  • Defective toys. Toys are defective when they are dangerous for the average child to play with. Some have pieces which can break off, which a child swallows. Other toys can electrocute children or catch on fire.
  • Defective clothing. Children can be injured when clothing strangles them or catches on fire. Small buttons can also fall off, leading to a choking hazard. Defective clothing is often recalled by manufacturers.
  • Car accidents. Children become injured when another vehicle hits them. Child safety and booster seats should work properly, but if they are defective, then serious injury results because the child is tossed around.
  • Accidents on playgrounds: Public and school playgrounds often fall into disrepair, leading to injured children.
  • Premises liability accidents. Children can be injured when they fall into an unattended pool or slip and fall while climbing stairs. A property owner must refrain from injuring your child intentionally, and they must take other steps (like covering a pool) if they know your child is coming onto the property.
  • Dog bites. Some children do not yet appreciate how dangerous dogs can be, and an aggressive dog can bite your child. Injuries are every bit as psychological as physical.

How Accidents Involving Children are Different

Obtaining compensation for medical care, pain and suffering, and a parent’s lost wages is fairly complicated. There are many ways that an accident involving your child is different from an accident which injures only adults.

For one, the law involving children might be different. Property owners owe trespassers no duty of care if they enter property illegally. But the law is different if an attractive nuisance like a swimming pool or abandoned refrigerator draws the child to the property. In that case, the owner should take certain steps to protect your child.

There is also a question of when and how to file a lawsuit. Minor children need a parent or guardian to file on their behalf. But Florida’s statute of limitations might be different for child victims than for adults, and an attorney can advise on this fact.

In some child accident cases, the government is to blame. This is true of an injury in a school or on public property, like a park. Suing the government is not as straightforward as suing a private party, and an attorney needs to understand the additional steps to take.

Speak with a Wesley Chapel Child Injury Attorney at Moore Law

Parents would do anything for their children, and sometimes the best step to take is to file a lawsuit or personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Contact Moore Law for assistance with this process.

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