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Wesley Chapel Construction Accident Attorney

Construction is a high stakes business. Construction projects run on tight deadlines and lean budgets, with hundreds of people all working furiously to get a building raised in time. The staff at Moore Law has watched with wonder at how much Wesley Chapel has changed in the past three decades. Houses and commercial space continue to be erected all the time, and the collective effort of thousands of people has made this possible.

With so much going on, however, construction sites are dangerous spaces. Countless construction workers and even members of the public are injured in accidents. Our Wesley Chapel construction accident attorney is prepared to get you the help you need.

Construction Site Accidents

Some of the more common accidents include:

  • Electrocution
  • Fires
  • Falling several stories
  • Slip and falls or trip and falls
  • Chemical burns
  • Workers struck by objects
  • Workers caught between objects
  • Building or wall collapse
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Scaffolding collapse

Construction sites are heavily regulated by OSHA, a federal agency. OSHA has drafted detailed rules regulating the construction of scaffolding, required fall protection, and personal protection equipment. Unfortunately, intense pressure and cost overruns lead contractors to cut corners.

Injuries Suffered in Construction Accidents

With so much heavy equipment, materials, and workers, construction sites lead to serious injuries. Some of the more dangerous include:

  • A worker can fracture any bone in the body when they fall from a height or get struck by heavy materials or equipment.
  • A construction worker can suffer burns from fire, chemicals, or hot materials. Some burns are so serious they can end a worker’s career or require countless surgeries.
  • Crush injuries. Heavy materials landing on a worker can lead to crush injuries. Often, a worker needs the crushed limb amputated to survive toxic chemicals unleashed by the injury.
  • Brain injuries. Hard hats are required on a construction site for a reason. Even small objects falling from the roof of a building can lead to a head injury. Bleeding in the brain can be deadly.
  • Organ damage. An electrical current running through the body will damage tissue along the way. Trauma from a fall or motor vehicle strike can also damage internal organs, leading to death or permanent injury.
  • Spinal injury. These injuries often lead to impaired movement and sensation, along with constant pain. A worker can injure their spine by falling or being crushed by a heavy object.

Bringing a Claim for Compensation

Workers and members of the public will follow different paths for receiving compensation. As an injured worker, Florida’s workers’ compensation laws prohibit suing an employer in most cases. However, a claim against a non-employer might be possible.

Members of the public can seek compensation from whoever contributed to their injuries. This could be a negligent contractor, subcontractor, or property owner. Gaining access to evidence to support a claim can be difficult, however.

Construction Accidents in Wesley Chapel

At Moore Law, our team has helped men and women obtain compensation following an incident at a construction site. To learn more about whether you have a valid legal claim, contact us to schedule a risk-free case evaluation.

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