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Wesley Chapel Daycare Accident Attorney

Busy families rely on Wesley Chapel daycare providers to watch their children and help young ones learn important social skills in a safe environment. No doubt you expect your child to spend hours a day playing, listening to an adult read, and napping. Unfortunately, some children suffer a serious injury while at daycare.

Nothing is more shocking than receiving a call that your child has been injured. The legal team at Moore Law understands the powerful emotions unleashed when discovering your child needs medical care. In some situations, the injury might have been purely accidental. But in others, a negligent or even outright dangerous daycare is fully to blame for your child’s injury. Speak with our Wesley Chapel daycare accident attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

Daycare Neglect

As business providers, daycares must take reasonable care to keep their premises reasonably safe for children. Of course, this does not mean that a daycare must 100% guarantee your child won’t be injured. Accidents sometimes happen. But daycare providers must take reasonable steps to keep your child safe.

In our experience, some daycares cut corners or are simply in over their heads, resulting in a dangerous environment for your child. Some examples of the dangers include:

  • The daycare might not hire enough staff to watch over all the children. Consequently, children can wander off or get into fights with each other.
  • Negligent hiring or supervision. A daycare must use care when hiring staff and training them. Some daycares never perform a background check or overlook a criminal record, endangering your child.
  • Food poisoning. Daycares must serve safe food that is properly cooked. Some fail to refrigerate food properly; consequently, the children get sick.
  • Inadequate childproofing. Children are curious and can open cabinets or play with things they shouldn’t. Children also don’t fully appreciate the limits of their bodies, so they can get injured climbing on things that are not strong enough to support them. A properly childproofed daycare should secure dangerous chemicals, cover unused electrical outlets, and keep sharp objects away.
  • Hazardous playgrounds: Daycares should check that all playground equipment is in good condition and replace or cordon off anything that is dangerous. Children can easily fall or hurt themselves when playgrounds fall into disrepair.
  • Nothing is more outrageous than a staff member who physically assaults your child. Abuse can take many forms, such as hitting, slapping, denying food or water, or sexual abuse. Unlike neglect, abuse is intentional, which makes it even more outrageous.

Daycare Waivers

Before enrolling your child, you might have needed to sign a waiver, also called a release of liability. This document purports to protect the daycare in the event your child is injured at the facility.

If you signed a waiver, all hope is not lost. You should meet with a Wesley Chapel daycare accident lawyer to review it. Some waivers are poorly drafted and therefore illegal. Others are against public policy and cannot prevent a lawsuit when the daycare has been negligent.

Give Our Wesley Chapel Daycare Accident Lawyer a Call

Lawsuits involving child victims have some unique wrinkles. Hiring an experienced attorney is your best bet to secure the compensation needed to cover your child’s medical expenses and other losses, including any lost income a parent incurs to take care of their child. Speak with Moore Law today to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

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