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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney > Wesley Chapel Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Wesley Chapel Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Life is incredibly hectic, and many people feel pulled in multiple directions. Although multi-tasking might be an important skill at work, it can be deadly when attempted behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

The statistics are stark. According to the National Safety Council, distracted drivers cause roughly 659,000 accidents a year, and innocent victims suffer terrible injuries when they are hit or run over. At Moore Law, our Wesley Chapel distracted driving accident attorneys can represent you when seeking compensation from a negligent driver. Contact us today.

Common Sources of Distracted Driving

Any number of things can distract a person’s attention when they should be focused on the road:

  • Children
  • Conversations with passengers
  • Pets
  • Cell phones
  • Eating food
  • Fiddling with controls or GPS

Unfortunately, many drivers actually seek out distractions. No text message or phone call needs to be answered immediately. Instead, drivers choose to risk an accident by picking up their phone and reading a message or sending one themselves.

Distracted driving causes multiple problems. In addition to taking their eyes off the road, drivers might also remove their hands, which reduces their ability to take defensive action. But the greatest danger could be mental. As summarized by the National Safety Council, research shows that distracted drivers are mentally distracted. That is, even if they are looking at the road, they are cognitively distracted. This is why hands-free cell phones only slightly increase safety.

How Distracted Driving Contributes to Accidents

A driver who is not paying attention easily increases the risk for everyone around them. The most obvious example is a distracted motorist who never sees a pedestrian or another vehicle on the road and drives straight into them. When going at high speeds, this driver can cause devastating injuries in a rear-end collision or head-on crash. If the driver runs a red light, they can T-bone another car.

Other drivers weave across lanes because their eyes follow their hands, and they run the risk of forcing other motorists off the road or sideswiping a vehicle. If the driver sees that they’ve crossed the center line, they might jerk the wheel, leading to a rollover.

How to Receive Compensation

Distracted driving is a form of negligence, and a negligent motorist who injures someone must pay compensation to victims. To successfully bring an insurance claim or lawsuit, we gather evidence to prove the driver was distracted. This evidence can take many forms:

  • Witness testimony that the driver was distracted. Witnesses can include any driver on the road, as well as passengers in the car that struck you.
  • Police reports summarizing the accident.
  • Physical evidence, such as where you were struck and any debris field, which helps us reconstruct the collision.
  • Cell phone records, if the driver was on the phone before impact.

Call Us Today

Distracted driving is only becoming more prevalent, and Moore Law is committed to combating it. We hold distracted drivers accountable for their choices when they injure our clients. Please call or send a message to schedule a time to meet. Our consultations are free.

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