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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney > Wesley Chapel Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorney

Wesley Chapel Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorney

Hurricanes are emotionally and financially devastating, but powerful storms come with the territory in Florida. Fortunately, most homeowners have hurricane insurance, which should step in and cover damage to their home and belongings.

As many Floridians soon discover, however, not all insurers are eager to assist following a hurricane. Unfair and possibly illegal denials happen all the time. Following a hurricane, don’t get blown over by your insurer. Contact a Wesley Chapel hurricane insurance claim attorney at Moore Law to ensure fair treatment of your claim.

What Does Hurricane Insurance Cover?

Study the details of your policy, but most hurricane insurance covers any damage caused by a hurricane, such as damage to the roof, foundation, or walls. Damage can be internal or external and might include damage to furniture and major appliances. Your policy may also cover damage to the garage.

A Category 1 hurricane is the least dangerous hurricane that can make landfall, but it can have sustained winds up to 95 miles per hour. Winds this strong are sufficient to tear tiles away from a roof, push a tree over onto a home, and damage the walls of even a well-constructed home. Stronger hurricanes can completely flatten a house.

Most policies do not cover flood damage, however, so homeowners usually buy flood coverage separately, either through the National Flood Insurance Program or a private insurer.

Why Was My Hurricane Claim Denied?

An insurance adjuster should make a full and reasonable investigation after receiving your claim and inform you of the reason why your claim was partially or fully denied. Some common reasons for denial include:

  • You haven’t been paying your premiums, so the policy is not in force
  • The damage existed before the hurricane rolled through
  • The damage isn’t covered by your insurance policy
  • You failed to take reasonable steps to secure any property, such as outside furniture or grills, before the storm struck

In other cases, your insurer might accept a claim but not pay for the full damage. As an example, they might claim that damaged appliances were old and therefore worth less.

Some of these denials are legitimate. If you have failed to pay premiums, then you really aren’t covered by an insurance policy. However, some denials are subjective or based on speculation, such as whether damage pre-existed the hurricane.

Can I Fight if My Claim is Denied?

Yes. By meeting with an attorney at Moore Law, you gain a better handle on your rights. Some insurers try to strongarm homeowners into accepting a low settlement, while other insurers drag their feet and never perform a prompt investigation. An attorney can review your policy to determine whether it fairly covers the damage you suffered. A lawyer can also jog an insurer to begin an investigation.

Insurers must act in good faith, and Florida closely regulates the insurance industry. Bad faith practices include refusing to settle claims honestly and fairly, along with refusing to investigate before denying a claim. Other bad faith practices include misrepresenting the policy and even failure to communicate in a timely fashion.

Wesley Chapel Hurricane Claim Attorneys

Demand fair treatment from insurance adjusters. Contact an attorney at Moore Law as soon as possible to review your case.

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