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Wesley Chapel Knee Injury Attorney

The human knee looks relatively simple. Unlike shoulders, the knee can’t move in multiple directions. It is more like a hinge that helps the leg straighten or bend. However, knee injuries can be incredibly painful. Even worse, they might leave a victim disabled and in need of crutches or a wheelchair for months on end.

Moore Law understands knee injuries, and our team knows how to bring claims for compensation. Our Wesley Chapel knee injury attorney is pleased to represent anyone injured in an accident who needs compensation to cover their medical bills and other expenses.

Types of Knee Injuries

Many knee injuries are caused by car accidents. A person sitting in the front seat can end up jamming their knees into the dash during a wreck, sustaining terrific force. Other knee injuries are caused by slip and falls or falling from a great height.

We can assist anyone suffering from some of the most common knee injuries:

  • Patella fracture. The patella is the kneecap—the round bone you can feel with your fingers. Any traumatic impact can fracture the patella.
  • Dislocated patella. The patella can be displaced in a serious accident, causing pain and possibly requiring surgery to fix.
  • ACL tear. The anterior cruciate ligament connects a person’s shinbone to their thighbone. Any injury can stretch, bruise, or tear this ligament, leading to instability and pain.
  • PCL tear. The posterior cruciate ligament also connects the shinbone to the thighbone but does so behind the ACL. It is also vulnerable to tearing or stretching in an accident, though PCL injuries are rarer.
  • Meniscus injury. Cartilage between the thighbone and shinbone reduces friction as the knee moves. Unfortunately, an accident can tear or stretch this cartilage, making knee movement extremely painful.

Knee injuries are sometimes degenerative. Although surgery or bracing might fix some of the damage, the cartilage in the knee can continue to degrade even as you seem to be improving. For this reason, doctors and their patients must closely monitor the patient’s progress.

Knee Injuries are Disruptive & Expensive

In many ways, knee injuries cause much more dramatic disruption than other injuries.  Most obviously, the injury prevents a person from walking or running, so many people are consigned to using crutches or a wheelchair. Unable to get around, they might have to stop going into work or school, losing out on valuable income or educational experience.

Knee injury rehab can be exhausting. Some people feel that their knees never fully recover, so they end up bracing the knee for the rest of their lives due to the instability.

Knee injuries also are very painful. Some victims describe ACL tears as causing excruciating pain—well beyond any pain they have experienced before. Pain management can interfere with clear thinking and possibly lead to drug addiction.

Experienced Knee Injury Attorney in Wesley Chapel

Moore Law can handle your knee injury case from start to finish, collecting evidence to establish fault for the accident and negotiating a fair settlement with the at-fault party. Please contact our firm today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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