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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney > Wesley Chapel Multi-Vehicle Wreck Attorney

Wesley Chapel Multi-Vehicle Wreck Attorney

Multi-vehicle wrecks are those accidents which involve three or more vehicles. They are also called “pileups.” Multi-car wrecks are usually triggered by an accident involving two vehicles, which sets off a chain reaction. In heavy traffic, a car which is rear-ended can be launched forward, where it strikes the car in front. Other drivers, hoping to avoid a wreck, take extreme defensive action but pinball off each other. Before you know it, dozens of vehicles have been involved in the crash.

In some ways, multi-vehicle wrecks are no different from accidents involving only two vehicles. Those involved should call the police to come out and should immediately call an ambulance to transport those who are seriously injured to the hospital. But in other ways, multi-vehicle pile ups raise novel legal and factual issues which can make obtaining fair compensation very difficult.

If you’ve been involved in this type of accident, contact Moore Law today. Our Wesley Chapel multi-vehicle wreck attorney can review your case to determine your legal rights.

What Causes Multi-Vehicle Wrecks in Wesley Chapel?

These accidents should be rare, but one look at the news shows that pile ups happen around the nation with some regularity. What is to blame?

Most multi-vehicle wrecks happen where traffic is dense, such as a state or interstate highway. They can also happen on local roads during rush hour traffic. The trigger is one vehicle which loses control or is being driven recklessly.

We often see pile ups during inclement weather, especially in Florida. When the temperature drops in winter, ice or even snow might collect on the roads. One driver skids or spins out of control, setting off a chain reaction.

In other situations, a distracted or drunk driver crashes into a car on a busy street, leading to multiple injuries. Anyone caught in the chain reaction can suffer devastating injuries if their vehicle is crunched.

What Are the Unique Legal or Factual Issues Involving These Wrecks?

Obtaining compensation following a car accident depends on determining liability. Yes, anyone involved in a car crash can initially use their personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. But multi-vehicle wrecks often cause devastating injuries, such as fractures, brain injuries, crush injuries, and spinal cord damage. Consequently, victims can often bring a lawsuit for compensation, but they need to identify the driver responsible for the wreck.

With so many cars involved, it’s difficult to assign liability. The vehicle which hit you might not be to blame. Instead, a car could have hit them from behind, forcing them to crash into you. A driver who didn’t do anything can’t be liable.

An experienced attorney can sift through the evidence and pinpoint who is at fault for the wreck. This is a necessary step to obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Contact Moore Law Today

Accident victims and their families need a committed legal advocate by their side during the difficult negotiation process. Let the multi-vehicle wreck attorneys in Wesley Chapel be your voice. We can immediately jump into action to collect and review evidence, document your losses, and seek favorable compensation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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