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Wesley Chapel School Injury Attorney

Parents send their kids off to school each morning hoping they will learn valuable lessons and stay out of trouble. They never dream that their children will return home with a serious injury. However, more than a million people are injured in schools every year. Some of these injuries stem from negligence, while others are the result of violent assault.

Contact Moore Law if your child was injured at school. As governmental units, school boards are immune from certain lawsuits, so hiring a seasoned Wesley Chapel school injury attorney is a benefit if you hope to obtain compensation for your child’s injuries.

How Children are Injured at School

Children can be injured in many ways:

  • Dangerous premises. The school building itself might be dangerous, or the school could create a hazard. For example, your child might have been injured by falling ceiling tiles, asbestos, slick floors, or some other hazard the school doesn’t fix or warn children about.
  • Playground injuries. Some schools let playgrounds fall into disrepair. Children can suffer serious injuries like fractures and concussions if they fall off defective equipment. In other situations, the school does not have adequate adult supervision and children are injured as a consequence.
  • Defective equipment. Your child could be injured when defective products in the school electrocute them, explode, or cut them. For example, defective chemistry equipment can cause injuries to students trying to do lab work.
  • Athletic injury. Some sports involve physical contact, and parents consent to this when they sign their child up for football, soccer, or other sports. Nevertheless, games should be officiated, and all safety rules enforced. If your child was injured intentionally or by gross negligence, you can often sue.
  • Violent assaults. Children may be assaulted by teachers, staff, strangers, or other students. When schools have warnings that children are bullies, they must take appropriate action.
  • Children can be poisoned by chemicals in the air or by improperly prepared food.

Why Suing a School District is Complicated

The state of Florida has something called “sovereign immunity.” This basically means that it can only be sued by citizens with its consent. Since school districts are departments of the state, they generally enjoy immunity as well.

Fortunately, Florida has allowed parents to sue in certain situations, such as when a school fails to fulfill a duty. But this right comes with strings. Parents need to give notice to the district of the claim and must meet tight deadlines. This is why the help of a Wesley Chapel school injury attorney is so vital. We know how to hold government actors and agencies accountable when they negligently harm your child.

In a narrow range of cases, someone other than the school could be to blame. Defective equipment used in the classroom or the athletic playing field could have injured your child, and in those instances, we will typically sue the manufacturer.

Contact Our Legal Team after a Wesley Chapel School Injury

Moore Law is ready to help any parent whose child has been hurt in school. Eric Moore has more than 25 years of experience in the personal injury field, and he will guide your case from start to finish. Reach out to schedule a free consultation.

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