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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney > Wesley Chapel Shoulder Injury Attorney

Wesley Chapel Shoulder Injury Attorney

People rarely realize how much they depend on their shoulders until they injure one. Suddenly, getting dressed, brushing their hair, and putting dishes back in the kitchen cabinets becomes next to impossible.

The human shoulder is complicated. It is one of the few joints that allows movement in all directions, and injury to one of its parts can be disabling. If you have suffered a shoulder injury, contact an attorney to review possible legal claims. A Wesley Chapel shoulder injury attorney should review the circumstances surrounding your accident and devise a plan for obtaining compensation.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder anatomy is very complex. The shoulder is the place where the arm bone, shoulder blade, and collarbone meet to form a ball-and-socket joint. Muscles and tendons also meet at the shoulder and provide the ability to move the arm, as well as stability.

Any shoulder injury can cause sharp pain and immobilize the arm. Some common injuries include:

  • Any bone in the shoulder can break or shatter upon traumatic impact. Fractures are difficult to set in the shoulder, and recovery could be slow.
  • Usually, the shoulder dislocates when a ligament is torn and the joint cannot stay together.
  • Rotator cuff tear. Four muscles make up the rotator cuff, and these muscles are attached to the bones with tendons. A torn tendon can make it impossible to lift your arm. Even if the tendons do not tear, any injury can lead to pain and inflammation.
  • Labral tear. The shoulder socket is kept in place with cartilage called the labrum. Trauma can tear the labrum, leading to instability and pain.

Treatment options depend mostly on the severity of the injury. For example, it is sometimes possible to treat moderate shoulder injuries conservatively with rehabilitation and corticosteroid injections. However, serious injuries—such as a torn tendon—will usually require surgery, which has its own risks.

Accidents Which Lead to Shoulder Injuries

Most shoulder injuries are caused by some traumatic impact to the shoulder. Our team has helped people who suffered injury in:

  • Slip and fall accidents. A person can jam their shoulder into the ground, causing trauma to bones and soft tissue. A fall from a great height often results in a fracture.
  • Car accidents. Even if you are wearing a seat belt, you could suffer injury if the belt cuts into the shoulder area. Someone unbelted could ram their shoulder into the side of the car or even another passenger.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Someone struck by a car could be thrown into a tree, fire hydrant, or another vehicle parked on the side of the street. These impacts are very traumatic.
  • Dog bite. A dog could grab hold of a person’s shoulder and cause serious injury as it violently bites and shakes.

The ability to receive compensation will depend on the facts of your case. For example, if you are injured in a car accident, you will make a claim on your personal injury protection policy first. By contrast, if you were injured by a dog attack, you can immediately move to a negligence lawsuit.

Speak with a Wesley Chapel Shoulder Injury Lawyer

Moore Law can represent anyone suffering from a shoulder injury suffered in an accident. To learn more about your legal options for recovery, give us a call.

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