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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney > Wesley Chapel Side-Impact Crash Attorney

Wesley Chapel Side-Impact Crash Attorney

Side-impact collisions go by many names, including “T-bone” collisions. The name comes from the shape the two cars make when they collide. The front of one car crashes into the side of another, forming the letter T.

Side-impact crashes are very dangerous. Many cars have safety features like airbags which are designed for head-on crashes. But side-impact collisions can cause a person to sway violently to the side, leading to different injuries and large medical bills. Our Wesley Chapel side-impact crash attorney has more information below.

What Factors Contribute to Side-Impact Crashes?

We see these accidents most commonly at intersections, where traffic lights are designed to promote the orderly flow of traffic. Unfortunately, one driver either runs a red light or hangs out in the intersection, leading to a collision.

Some of the major contributing factors to these accidents at intersections include:

  • Speeding
  • Dangerous driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Intoxication or other chemical impairment

In a small number of cases, a defect on a vehicle (like faulty brakes) might contribute to the accident. In that case, liability would rest with the manufacturer of the defective part or a mechanic who made negligent repairs.

What Should You Do Following a Side-Impact Crash?

Under Florida law, anyone involved in a wreck must immediately stop their vehicles and pull over to the side of the road if they are blocking traffic. If you speed away, then you have committed a misdemeanor or felony.

Side-impact collisions often happen at high speeds, usually because one driver is trying to beat a red light. Unsurprisingly, these accidents often result in serious head, neck, and back injuries. Call an ambulance to come pick up anyone who is injured.

Another key step is to secure evidence of the crash. Liability issues arise in side-impact crashes all the time. For example, did the car which got hit run a red light? Or did the car which struck the side of another run the red light? The more proof you have, the better. For this reason, we recommend getting the names of witnesses and their phone number or email address so that your Wesley Chapel side-impact crash attorney can interview them.

Also remember to report the accident to the police. An officer should draft a police report which contains critical information about the wreck.

How Do You Obtain Compensation for a Side-Impact Crash?

Side-impact collisions can lead to serious injuries. The sides of vehicles usually lack air bags and are not designed to absorb high-speed impacts. Unfortunately, vulnerable occupants suffer the brunt of the trauma.

After making a claim with your PIP policy, you can bring a claim against anyone responsible for the accident. They should compensate you if they share at least some of the blame for the accident. This is called assigning fault, and our attorneys are skilled at reconstructing accidents to determine fault for a crash.

Give Us a Call—Our Wesley Chapel Side-Impact Accident Attorney is Standing By

T-bone crashes happen in a blur, but the fallout can last for years in the form of unpaid medical bills, lost income, and pain. If you are struggling with the after-effects of an accident, contact Moore Law today. We have helped countless motorists bring claims for compensation so that they can finally move on with their lives.

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