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Wesley Chapel Truck Accident Attorney

Anyone driving in or around Wesley Chapel has seen mammoth big rigs and other commercial vehicles driving around at all hours of the day. These trucks are critical links in our nation’s supply chain, and without them we would all have fewer goods to purchase.

However, these are big trucks, and they can cause serious damage when they crash into other vehicles. If you were hurt in a collision, contact Moore Law. Our Wesley Chapel truck accident attorney fights to obtain compensation for victims.

Why Truck Accidents Happen

The commercial trucking industry is heavily regulated. Both the state and federal governments limit the size of vehicles, require inspections, and set maximum hours for drivers. Nevertheless, all these regulations have not been able to eliminate accidents.

In our experience, truck accidents are typically caused by:

  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Driver confusion
  • Intoxication or other chemical abuse
  • Drivers falling asleep
  • Inadequate maintenance on vehicles
  • Unbalanced cargo

Drivers are under many pressures, especially due to the nationwide shortage of truck drivers. Some trucking companies create incentives for drivers to push too far, too fast. The results are tragic.

Identifying the Correct Party to Sue

The purpose of a lawsuit is to obtain compensation so that victims are not financially bankrupted by injuries they suffered through no fault of their own. One focus of every truck accident case is identifying who to sue.

If a driver was negligent, you can sue him. However, drivers probably do not have enough assets or insurance to cover losses, so you’ll need to look farther afield to find a defendant with deep enough pockets. Fortunately, Florida holds employers liable when their employees injure someone while working. Trucking companies have more resources and large insurance policies to pay compensation to our clients, so they make excellent defendants.

Sometimes the trucking company has independent liability. For example, they might have failed to drug test their drivers as required by regulations, or they could have enticed drivers to work for too long in violation of federal law.

In other accidents, a mechanic, loading company, or truck manufacturer could be to blame. Our Wesley Chapel truck accident lawyer will canvass the record to determine which entities to sue.

Aren’t Truck Accidents Just Like Car Accidents?

No. They are radically different. Truck accidents usually involve many more parties—such as those listed above—as possible defendants. The fact-finding stage in litigation (“discovery”) is also more complicated. Many trucks have electronic logs that contain key pieces of information which might prove pivotal in a truck accident claim. We might also need to depose many people who witnessed the accident.

You might successfully negotiate a car accident settlement, especially when you only suffered property damage. But truck accident cases usually involve serious bodily injuries worth considerable amounts of money. Trucking companies and their insurance companies are very aggressive at denying claims.

Hire a Wesley Chapel Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Do not go into negotiations with a truck company without an attorney by your side. Contact Moore Law to speak with our legal team. Our consultations are no-risk and free.

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