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Six Vehicles Involved in Accident Caused by Reckless Driver


One of the basic laws new drivers are taught is to not pass on the shoulder. A driver recently did this in Tampa, causing a six-vehicle crash and shutting down roads for a couple hours. The driver was seriously injured in the accident.

The incident happened on the morning of October 9 on Interstate 275 near Dale Mabry Highway. An SUV was driving recklessly in the southbound lanes. The driver was passing on the shoulder, causing crashes with five other vehicles.

The SUV then caught fire, causing the driver to be seriously injured. No other drivers were injured in the accident.

Traffic was being diverted off at exit 41A. Roads were closed for almost two hours as crews cleaned up.

Passing on the Shoulder

The laws vary from state to state when it comes to using the shoulder of the road. For the most part, shoulders should be used in emergency situations only. You should not be using shoulders to pass other drivers, as that is dangerous and illegal. However, there are certain times in which you can use the shoulder. They include the following:

  • Decelerating to make a right turn
  • Letting other vehicles pass, particularly emergency vehicles
  • Passing a stopped or disabled vehicle in the main lane
  • Passing a vehicle that is making a left turn.
  • Avoiding a collision with another vehicle or object in the main lane
  • Maneuvering to make room for a bicyclist.
  • When a police officer or authorized personnel is directing traffic to ride on a shoulder

If you do need to use the shoulder, it is generally safer to use the right one instead of the left one. However, the left one can be used in certain situations, such as:

  • Getting a disabled vehicle off the road quickly.
  • Maneuvering to make room for a bicyclist or pedestrian.
  • Avoiding a collision with another vehicle or object in the main lane
  • Letting other vehicles pass
  • When a police officer or authorized personnel is directing traffic to ride on a shoulder

It’s best to stay off the shoulder except for emergency situations. If you must use the shoulder, try not to use it for too long. Many accidents happen on the side of the road, especially at night when drivers get disoriented. So be safe and patient. Stay on the main road and travel at the speed limit. Follow all traffic laws and you’ll have a higher chance of getting to your destination safely.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today

It’s important to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. Driving off the road and engaging in other reckless maneuvers can result in serious accidents.

If you have been injured in a crash caused by someone else’s negligence, seek legal help from a Tampa car accident attorney from Moore Law. It’s our job to get you the best result possible. Don’t settle for less. Get Moore. To schedule a free consultation, call 813-510-5400 or fill out the online form.



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