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Dead After 3 Teens Steal, Crash Maserati


Teens are often curious about cars but some will take their interest too far and actually steal them. This often leads to catastrophic and even deadly results.

Unfortunately, this was recently the case in St. Petersburg. Three teens took off in a Maserati after they found it unlocked with the keys inside. A crash ensued. One teen was killed, one is not expected to survive, and the other is expected to survive.

The fatal accident occurred on the morning of October 2 on 62nd Ave. N. The Maserati had collided with the side of a building, leaving it totaled.

The three teen boys — a 16-year-old and two 15-year-olds — were checking cars along 29th Street N and 58th Avenue N. One teen was using his shirt to pull up door handles. He lucked out and found a Maserati in a driveway unlocked. The boys noticed the keys were inside and jumped in.

Sheriff’s deputies in a helicopter noticed the boys jump into the car. The deputies were using the helicopter to take a suspect into custody for a different crime. The deputies in the helicopter alerted deputies on the ground about the Maserati theft.

When the boys saw that they were being chased by police, they took off. It is estimated that the driver reached speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. The helicopter tracked the Maserati’s movements until it crashed. The driver lost control of the Maserati and hit a curb. This launched the car into the air. It then flipped over before landing in the parking lot of a business. The car was totaled in the crash — so bad that it was not even recognizable. None of the teens had gotten out of the vehicle after it crashed.

The teen in the front passenger seat of the Maserati died at the accident scene. The other two were hospitalized with critical injuries. The boy in the back seat was seriously injured and is not expected to survive. The driver has undergone multiple surgeries and is expected to survive.

Police found a .25 caliber handgun inside the Maserati. It was determined that it belonged to the teens and not the car’s owner.

While the boys do not have much of a criminal history, they have been stopped by police in the past for walking around neighborhoods in the early morning hours. No criminal charges have been filed at this time. However, the driver could face charges of third-degree murder for his actions.

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Unfortunately, stealing a vehicle often leads to a serious accident, especially when a teen is behind the wheel. It’s also a sad situation for the owner of the stolen vehicle.

The Tampa car accident attorneys at Moore Law can help you get the compensation after your car gets stolen and totaled. We understand how devastating this can be. We’ll help you pursue a claim against the negligent driver. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Call 813-510-5400 or fill out the online form.



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